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An Independent Practice of Board Certified Registered Nurse Case Managers and Certified Life Care Planners.

Principal   Glenda Evans-Shaw, BSN, RN-BC, PHN, CCM, CNLCP

Philosophy   Strategic Health Alliances is anchored in the belief  that the Registered Nurse Case Manager is a valuable resource, enhancing case outcome.

The Nurse Life Care Planner functions within the professional scope of practice, collaborating, as needed, with multiple disciplines to provide a comprehensive, individualized life care plan.

Definitions   “Case management is a collaborative process which assesses, plans, implements, coordinates, monitors and evaluates options and services to meet an individual’s health needs through communication and available resources to promote quality cost-effective outcomes.”   
Case Management Society of America (CMSA 1995)

“The Nurse Life Care Planner utilizes the nursing process in the collection and analysis of comprehensive client specific data in the preparation of a dynamic document.  This document provides an organized, concise plan of estimated reasonable and necessary, (and reasonably certain to be necessary), current and future healthcare needs with the associated costs and frequencies of goods and services.  The nurse life care plan is developed for individuals who have experienced an injury or have chronic healthcare issues.

Nurse Life Care Planners function within their individual professional scope of practice and, when applicable, incorporate opinions arrived at collaboratively with various health care providers.

The nurse life care plan is considered a flexible document and is evaluated and updated as needed.”   
American Association of Nurse Life Care Planners (AANLCP 2008)


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